Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Digital Composer-in-Residence Has Mid-State Ties

Given the opportunities digital and internet technologies can afford those of us involved in music today, I was glad to see this London-based group, Dilettante Music, held a competition to find a composer-in-residence. Composers submitted works and people were asked to vote on who should win, after listening to sound-files of their pieces.

And I'm delighted and proud to tell you that David T. Little, a graduate of my alma mater, Susquehanna University (of a considerably more recent vintage), where he studied composition with Pat Long, has been voted the winner. His music is really cool: check it out (see below).

Though this was officially announced several days ago, I finally received confirmation from Dilettante's web-site (well, not everything moves at warp-speed, yet). Here's the information they sent out:

David T. Little is our Digital Composer-in-Residence

With hundreds of entries from twenty-three different countries, five judges selected three finalists for the world's first Digital Composer-in-Residence competition. Then it was down to you, and last Thursday live at Wilton's Music Hall in London we announced New York-based David T. Little as the winner of our Digital Composer-in-Residence competition.

David's already been making headlines on NewMusicBox and Arts Journal, and also check out our own Musical Uprising, featuring a video of his winning piece at Wilton's.

David T. Little (David's Composer's Corner)

For one year David will occupy our new Composer's Corner where you can find out what he's up to, discover the music he likes and upcoming events where you can hear his work. David will keep a regular blog, and we'll also bring you podcasts, music and more.

Connect to the Composer's Corner to get regular updates

On hearing he'd won, David said:

"I'm very honoured to have just been chosen as the first Digital Composer-in-Residence and I plan to be an active and engaged member of this ever-growing international community. I look forward to working with Dilettante to help make this innovative program a success in its first year, and to helping bring great music--not only my own, but also that of my many wonderful colleagues--to as many music-lovers as possible.”

Listen to David's winning piece 1986

Many thanks to the other finalists, Chiayu and Aaron Gervais, and everyone who entered the competition. Wishing you the very best of luck.

The Dilettante Team

- - - - - -

Congratulations to David! w00t!

- Dr. Dick

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