Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bring more tuna

Ever sit there during a performance of some piece of music being sung in a foreign language and wondering what they're singing? Some people hear things... well, a little differently.

Even though I'd sung this work when I was in college and was involved as an assistant conductor with a performance at the Harrisburg Symphony back in the early-80s, beyond the opening two lines, I would have to check my score to know exactly what they're really singing... but here is one person's take on what he heard while listening to the (overly) famous opening of Carl Orff's Carmina burana.

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Years ago, there was a similar video I'd found on-line of Pavarotti singing the Duke's aria from Rigoletto -- 'La donna é mobile' -- in which the last line "elle pensier" came out "Elephants, yeah!" While it's bad enough to think the aria is about an immobile woman, I can never hear this aria now without thinking about elephants.

- Dr. Dick

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