Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Shout-Out to a College Roommate Trying to Reach Me...

I know Autumn doesn't start for a few more weeks – the 22nd of September, officially, but it feels like Fall in this part of the suburbs. School, however, has already started and they're already gearing up for the first school vacation – Labor Day! It feels weird to me to be thinking about teaching again – my last time as an official “teacher” was as an Assistant Professor at the University of Connecticut in 1978 – but the “Mendelssohn Educational Outreach Project” with the Harrisburg City Schools' John Harris High School culminates in a performance with Odin Rathnam's West Branch Music Festival program in just two weeks and then continues through the month with some follow-up.

The past week has been busy as I try to write down a lot of stuff about Mendelssohn for the teachers and students involved in this project – posted over at MENDELSSOHN'S WORLD – so far, about 30,000 words in 18 different posts.

As a result, the rest of my life is pretty much on hold – no time to compose, certainly; not much time to read anything not related to Mendelssohn...

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I usually don't do this - like megatwittering - but a roommate from my freshman year at Susquehanna University has been trying to reach me and I can't respond, so... here's hoping he checks the blog ;-)

Hi, Bill – I've gotten your e-mails, just can't respond. Your address is listed as “dot-local” rather than dot-com or anything more familiar, and any reply or other possible variation comes back “undeliverable.” Do you have a different account you could try? Thanks – good to hear from you!

- Dr. Dick

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