Thursday, August 27, 2009

As It Happens...

Turns out there's another website out there called "The Mendelssohn Project." And they have copyrighted their name internationally.

So they've asked me to change the name of my project to something else.

I suppose I could've just called it "Dr. Dick's Mendelssohn Project" but I decided to go with "MENDELSSOHN'S WORLD" and everything will now be posted over at my latest blog, DR. DICK'S "MENDELSSOHN'S WORLD"...

That includes the introductory post and those four posts I wrote today:
A Mendelssohn Chronology
A Musical Glossary for Mendelssohn's World
Some Historical Events
The Impact of Napoleon
which is about 6,800+ words for a day, not including these...

Because I will now need to have the school district change the link for their web-site and for the various teachers accessing it, I will need to leave these posts up here for a day or two until their I.T. folks can make the changes. Afterward, then, everything will be over at the new site.

- Dr. Dick

These posts have officially been removed from Thoughts on a Train. They are now available only at Mendelssohn's World.

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