Monday, July 13, 2009

Rally for the Arts in Pennsylvania

If you're a creative artist or a performer; if you have ever enjoyed a performance as a member of the audience; if you have ever had an emotional response to a painting or to a theatrical production; if you have ever felt an epiphany from an experience with something artistic, whether it changed your life or just improved your day; if you have seen the expression on a child's face coming face to face with something artistic that cannot be explained in a government report, you know the importance of art in our every-day lives.

Tuesday morning at 11:00, Citizens for the Arts will be holding a rally in the main Rotunda of Pennsylvania’s State Capitol here in Harrisburg in support of the arts in the state. Given the economy and the on-going budget stalemate, state support for the arts across the commonwealth has probably never been more at risk.

Wouldn't it be interesting if, somehow, we could remove "all the art" in the Capitol building so the legislators would experience it, even for one day, without all the contributions made to the building by artists?

The Citizens for the Arts rally website also mention other activities you can involve yourself in tomorrow in support of the arts:

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* Attendees should plan to make appointments with their legislators while in Harrisburg. The House generally goes into session at 11 AM and the Senate at 1 PM so appointments may be easier to make prior to the rally. Don't be discouraged if you are not able to meet with your legislators and meet with staff instead. Staff do relay your messages. If you are unable to schedule an appointment, stop by their offices and leave materials behind. You can find your legislators office information on the General Assembly website (check link through the original web-link). If you want to stop by the Governor's office, it's located at 225 Main Capitol.

* Jump Street is offering free parking at their offices. The Jump Street address is 100 N. Cameron Street, Harrisburg. (For walking directions from Jump Street to the Capitol, check the main rally page.)
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Please take this opportunity, if you’re in the area, to show your support for supporting the arts.

- Dr. Dick

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