Sunday, February 07, 2010

Links About Friday's Concert in Haiti

Here are three links about Friday's concert with musicians from the Music School of Ste. Trinite performing in one of the most devastated areas of Port-au-Prince:

First, NPR's Weekend Edition aired this story on Saturday morning's program.

CNN posted this two-minute video about the concert on-line:
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This was posted by ABC-News:
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Jeanne Pocius has a state-side charity organization that collects instruments and music "accessories" - everything from sheet music to valve oil for trumpets - "a foundation dedicated to the development of disadvantaged persons through instrumental music programs." Now they are collecting donations for Haiti, everything from camping supplies to baby-wipes and, of course, financial contributions which will be sent directly to the school at Ste. Trinite.

I contacted one of the people Jeanne mentioned in her recent post at Facebook (and quoted in my previous Haiti post) about "Instrumental Change, Inc" or ICI Mark Schwartz wrote back:

'ICI is not just a “throw-together” built by amateurs, by the way. Marty Rooney is a trumpet student of Jeanne’s and an attorney, who is a senior partner with Curley and Curley in Boston. I am senior manager of a CPA firm and have been friends with Jeannie since our playing days together over twenty years ago (I now live in Arizona, but grew up in the Boston area). Bonnie Lowell, who lives in Connecticut and coordinates all of our public relations and website activities, sits on the boards of several major charitable institutions related to cancer treatment and research. Janet Anthony [whom I've mentioned several times regarding the Facebook pages about Ste. Trinite] is a world-class cellist and a professor at Lawrence University in Wisconsin. She has been the catalyst for many of the music-based efforts down in Haiti with which Jeanne became involved over the past few years.'

Tax-deductible donations can be sent c/o Mark Schwartz or Marty Rooney to:

301 Newbury St, S-142
Danvers, MA 01923

They will then transfer the funds to a bank in Haiti where Jeanne can distribute them through the Episcopal diocese there and the school.

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