Saturday, February 07, 2009

Jennifer Higdon's Violin Concerto Premiered in Indianapolis

Jennifer Higdon's latest premiere (unless she has another one ready for tonight, too) is the Violin Concerto commissioned for Hilary Hahn, given its first performance Friday night with the Indianapolis Symphony. (Here's another article they posted the day of the premiere.)

It'll be making the rounds, so check the composer's website for details, but Central Pennsylvanians can make a road trip out of it for a June performance with the Baltimore Symphony.

Here's John Clare's interview with Hilary Hahn over at Sequenza 21 about the up-coming premiere and also about her being a Grammy nominee for her recording of the Schoenberg Violin Concerto (we'll find out who the winners are, tomorrow).

By the way, Higdon's String Poetic, a work for violin and piano, is also up for a chamber music Grammy in a recording with violinist Jennifer Koh, for whom she'd already written a concerto for violin, chorus and orchestra last year!

Okay now, I'm back to recuperating. Had two hernias repaired on Tuesday and suffice it to say much of my time has been spent in the recliner - the pain has not been much fun; the pain-killers, not enough. Later.

- Dr. Dick

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