Monday, January 19, 2009

The Human Side of the Goldberg Variations

This month begins a new blog. In talking with Ellen Hughes, the new director of Market Square Concerts, I’ve set up a blog for them called, for obvious reasons, “The Market Square Concerts Blog.”

I’ll be posting some of the things there I might usually post here – especially the “up-close and personal” introductions to works that will be performed on up-coming concerts.

So you can now read The Human Side of the Goldberg Variations and also The Road Map to the Goldberg Variations.

Tuesday afternoon, I’ll be presenting a “Market Square Concerts Soundscape” for the students at the Capital Area School for the Arts, preparing them for a pre-concert presentation by pianist Matthew Bengtson and composer Jeremy Gill. The concert itself is Sunday afternoon at 4:00 at Harrisburg’s Whitaker Center.

- Dr. Dick

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